Woodlands | Family Photographer

This family session was a party from the beginning! I mean obviously they wanted to have fun during their session - why else would they all be wearing neon colors? And that would definitely have to be a first for me. I don't think I have ever shot a family session where the coordinated colors were bright pink and yellow. It was awesome, and completely their personality. Don't you think? I also had so much fun photographing their family because they are SO stinkin' cute. I personally think that they should never ever stop having kids due to the fact that their kids are the most adorable kids in the world and SO smiley! (I actually sit behind them in church every Sunday and tell my husband that I will steal them, for real) He doesn't believe me, but I will. One day, I will catch them with my child size Poké Ball and play with them all day long. That's the plan so far at least.

Until then I will continue to adore their photographs!

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