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Maternity sessions are so gorgeous - even in the wintery tundra of Indiana.

And this one was definitely felt like we were in the wintery tundra, but we stuck through it! And I am so glad we did because these photos turned out wonderful. Breathtaking actually!

Their outfits, the backgrounds, the colors all worked perfectly together. But what really was gorgeous was their amazing smiles. Everyone was excited for their little baby girl who will be joining them soon. You can see how happy and excited they are to meet her! And that's one of reason why I love including the family in maternity photos.

How to Have a Gorgeous Maternity Session

1.) Be real.

Sometimes it takes a little warming up in front of the camera, but once you start feeling comfortable and start having fun - the photos will instantly turn out amazing! I will often times have the family tickle each other or get thrown in the air, or maybe even play duck-duck-goose! Soon you will completely forget that you are getting your pictures taken.

Another option is to have a lifestyle photo session. Have the photographer come to your home, while you are doing something that you do every single day. This type of setting is very intimate and real. You can also very much easily forget about the camera following you around because you are focusing on the cookies in the oven or the pillow fight on your bed.

Being real is crucial to all sessions!

2.) Do it for your nugget.

It's a crazy thing, thinking that your little newborn baby is right there in your belly. And crazily enough, those nine months seem to go fast. (Trust me, I am already 30 weeks along and I have no idea where the time went!) It's important to remember those beautiful/crazy/emotional/miraculous months that you carried your baby. You can then show them that that is them and that you loved them before they were even born.

3.) Involve your family.

I mentioned this in #1 - but involving your family in your maternity session is wonderful. Because not only is this a big time for you, but it's a big time for everyone! They want to celebrate and remember this time as well. Cherish these moments with your family :)

4.) Wear clothes you feel beautiful in.

Being pregnant myself, it is difficult to always feel beautiful. Your body is changing dramatically and clothes aren't always working out for you.

But find that outfit that makes your feel like the most beautiful pregnant woman on the planet - because really, you are. You are gorgeous. That little belly of yours actually ENHANCES your beauty. So find an outfit you love and that you are comfortable in and get in front of the camera! You will be confident and excited to show off your beautiful round belly.

5.) Do the Session between 32-35 weeks.

This seems to be the sweet spot, time-wise and your belly is so gorgeous during this time. We can do it before/after this time-frame no problem, but I have come to learn that these are the ideal weeks. :)

What other tips do you have for maternity sessions? Have you done one before?


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