What I have learned in 5 years of marriage

What 5 Years of Marriage has Taugh Me  

Things you learn from 5 years of Marriage

I keep forgetting that today is the day that we were married 5 years ago! I am already losing track of time! I never really understood people when they said “Time Flies” until now…Because every day quickly becomes the next day. And then all of a sudden you are 5 years into your marriage with your hunky husband, have a beautiful son, a home, an amazing job, and memories that you will cherish forever.

I just want to share with you some things that I have learned over these 5 years. My goal is to not be too, too gushy – but share with you how incredible and how important these years have been for me in my life.

Take a Risk and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Let’s go back to B.C. (Before Curt), when I was a little youngster and was not expecting at all to meet the man who I would soon call husband. I think that if we could plan every single detail of our lives, there would be no excitement, no mystery, and probably not as much romance. Things would be structured, orderly, and pretty much no fun.

Meeting Curt was not in my plan – at that time in my life. Granted I eventually wanted to marry and fall in love with someone perfect. It was somewhere in my timeline, but I did not think it would be so close. But when God leads you down a path, you follow. And I can tell you, he did a lot of leading for me. I walked down a path I was very unfamiliar with, but the entire time I knew that Curt was my future and that this is where I was supposed to be.


Some people might ask, how did you know? That is a very big jump, considering we dated almost completely while I was living in Utah. But when you find a person that makes you bubble with joy and inspires you to become a better person, you know that that person is meant to be yours forever. On top of that, I think he is the most beautiful man on Earth. He had me from the very beginning when he first smiled at me and took me out bowling.

I’ve learned over and over again, that as you trust God and lean on Him when you are entering the unknown, he will very much help you along the way. There will be challenges, but He will always strengthen you.

Teamwork is essential

I think that we, as humans, are crafted to work as a team. But I also think that most of us have a selfish mode, where all we think about is Me, Me, Me. Being married is almost completely a team effort. We shape our habits, our patterns, our home, and our responsibilities off of one another. Curt has taught me how to be responsible and is trying to teach me how to be more orderly. We complete each other as a team. I work hard and get a project started while his meticulous nature ensures that it is done correctly.

Being a team member also means sharing all things – including one’s successes and even their failures. Curt has done nothing but stand next me and lift me up to reach my full potential. I am here because of him. He was the one to encourage me to start a photography business and to step into the dark and pursue my marketing career as well. On the flip side, he has been there during my lowest lows and my darkest moments, and I think without him those moments would have been a lot lower and a lot darker.

The feeling on complete support and encouragement from one’s spouse is one that I will always cherish. He is very much my rock, which makes me love him more and more every single day. My goal is to support him and his aspirations the way that he has supported me in mine; with constant praise and confidence.

Children are the best

[flo_one_half padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ] Having a child is a huge rollercoaster, starting from the moment you are pregnant. You go from excited to deathly terrified, to anxious, and then back to excited. The moment your meet your little one is the moment when you forge a bond with your spouse stronger than ever before. Those were some of the most magical memories I have.

And now, as #LilVanny is coming to 16 months old we are still learning and growing as a couple and as a family. Our ability to love has grown and our commitment to our family team has been strengthened even more. Yesterday we were at Dog N’ Suds, and Curt and #LilVanny were sitting across from me and my heart was full of happiness as I watched them chomp down on a Coney dog. They were beautiful and they were my family.

It’s still hard for me to believe sometimes that we have this adorable little guy, but honestly I would have it no other way. It feels so right. [/flo_one_half]


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Treasure the Now

This is something that Curt has always told me from the beginning. I have a tendency to look to the future and get excited for what lays ahead, but he is there to remind me that what we have no is incredible and worth treasuring.

Life continues at an accelerating pace and if we forget to watch, look, and value the “now” then inevitably it will pass without a second glance.

Find ways to sneak away from your busy life and make memories together. The best parts of my day is when Curt calls or texts me throughout the day. It shows me he is thinking of me and wants me back to him as soon as possible.

And if you can, write your memories down in a journal. I am awful at this and am working on improving – but is something that will help you remember why this day was so important and the reasons your marriage means so much to you.


I love Curt so much. I feel so blessed to have him in my life, as my partner and as my eternal companion. He is my best friend and no one knows how to make me laugh like he does.

Happy 5 Years, Curt!