Tolley's Beautiful Maternity Photos | Lafayette Indiana


This family I am pretty sure is my role model. They are not only beautiful, they are the nicest, happiest, most easy going people I know. I have photographed them starting when Ella was just a newborn and could fit in a little basket. Now she is dancing and kissing her mom's adorable belly. It's beautiful how families grow and change. I am thrilled to see them get ready for their newest family member. With every baby comes more joy and more memories to make. And your love for each other grows more and more. It's amazing how it works. Photographing their maternity session was a blast - like always. I found out that Ella loooves to jump and will instantly start giggling if I started jumping too. It's always fun working with little ones to find out what makes them chuckle and forget that I am snapping photos of them. Each child is different. Some love the camera and some are a little more timid. Ella definitely is more timid, but once she warms up she is so full of smiles.

Now let's talk about Ryan and Katie. I adore their relationship. They are perfect together and for each other. They make each other glow with happiness. And just look at how Ryan hold Katie - it is so tender and loving. Katie is his world. 

Thank you so much for letting me inside your little family. I am always honored that you want me to capture these moments for you.

Love, Vanessa

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