Tippany & Andrew | Rustic Anniversary Session

This was such a fun anniversary session. I really cannot believe how fast time flies. It was a year ago that this adorable couple was married! And although they may not be in their wedding gown and tux, their love for each other is just as strong (if not stronger) than it was a year ago. I am truly honored to be able to celebrate this momentous achievement with you two. I know that the first year is often filled with surprises, ups, downs, and several round-abouts. I know - I have been there! But I also know that these years together are the best.

I am so happy for you two and I know that these coming years will be even better than the first! You will continue to grow stronger as a couple and truly appreciate each other's joys and successes and be for each other when they hit a rough patch.

Happy 1 year!