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Charlotte's Newborn Photos

Three GORGEOUS girls. Can you believe it? How blessed is this family? They truly are filled with love and have such an amazing dynamic. I have looooved watching these girls grow up and seeing their beauty radiate.

Charlotte was actually a premie. She was born at 34 weeks and was just a teeny little thing. We ended up waiting a few weeks for her session, actually we had it on her actual birthday! How awesome is that!

And she felt and acted like any other newborn. She was perfect and so round and adorable. I loved squishing and loving on her for the morning. It filled my day with so much joy.

I then met with her family 2 weeks later to go through her collection of photos. We designed her custom album and chose art for their walls!

It was incredible and so fulfilling to fill their lives with long-lasting memories for them to re-experience over and over again.

I made a quick video of their gorgeous photos!

I love creating these beautiful little movies for my clients! I imagine them using them at their one year birthday party, at their graduation party, or just watching them to see how they have changed. This is what I imagine for their gorgeous albums as well. Long-lasting treasures for you family!

What a gorgeous family!! I am so excited to see how she grows.

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Sweet Newborn Hannah

I'm wayyy wayyy wayyyy behind on blogging! Let me tell you, when you have two kiddos, your time just disappears. Who am I kidding?? I was have a tough time blogging before them too!! So I want to introduce you to the beautiful Hannah. She was such a sweetie and really got me excited to have a baby girl in the home! Girls were a little foreign to me, and cuddling on Hannah was exactly what I needed. Ahh. I think I need some more cuddle time with this beautiful babe!! I'm super curious to see if she will look like her brother or not, who is also SUPER adorable.

That's one thing that I really love about being a newborn photographer - you get to see them grow and change and become little people. From their newborns, you can imagine what their little features will turn into. It's exciting to see those changes! But also, it happens way too fast. The change so much in such a small amount of time. I give them props! That would be tiring doing all the growing they are doing.

But I really did love Hannah from the moment I met her. She has the sweetest smile and smoothest skin. She really was the definition of perfection.

Thank you for letting me be apart of this time for you Stacy!!