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This family I am pretty sure is my role model. They are not only beautiful, they are the nicest, happiest, most easy going people I know. I have photographed them starting when Ella was just a newborn and could fit in a little basket. Now she is dancing and kissing her mom's adorable belly. It's beautiful how families grow and change. I am thrilled to see them get ready for their newest family member. With every baby comes more joy and more memories to make. And your love for each other grows more and more. It's amazing how it works. Photographing their maternity session was a blast - like always. I found out that Ella loooves to jump and will instantly start giggling if I started jumping too. It's always fun working with little ones to find out what makes them chuckle and forget that I am snapping photos of them. Each child is different. Some love the camera and some are a little more timid. Ella definitely is more timid, but once she warms up she is so full of smiles.

Now let's talk about Ryan and Katie. I adore their relationship. They are perfect together and for each other. They make each other glow with happiness. And just look at how Ryan hold Katie - it is so tender and loving. Katie is his world. 

Thank you so much for letting me inside your little family. I am always honored that you want me to capture these moments for you.

Love, Vanessa

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The Ins & Outs of a Newborn Session | Lafayette Newborn Photographer


Whether this is your first or seventh child, newborn sessions are an exciting experience!

But a lot of couples have no idea what to expect for the newborn session, how long it will take, what they should wear, or when they should arrive. First off, newborn sessions on average take about 3 hours long.

If you incorporate family members and siblings, they may take a little longer. Because these sessions are so long, it is very important to arrive on time or a little before - to ensure that there is ample time for your newborn to get comfortable. But with a new baby, getting out the door is a lot more challenging than you would expect! So much preparation goes into a trip - so plan ahead! Do as much preparation as you can the night ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get ready before the session. Trust me when I say that you will have a much more enjoyable session if you aren't rushing around all morning. Once at the newborn session, you can take a deep breath! I have comfy couches and soothing music playing to let the parents relax a bit. I will usually begin the newborn session by removing everything but the diaper.

Naked babies are the best babies :) But to keep them happy and comfortable, I will wrap them tightly into a little cocoon and rock them until they are asleep. Usually this takes 10-15 minutes. Once they are slumbering, I start photographing! With the space heaters blasting, your adorable baby will be in heaven. From there, I will eventually remove their wrap and diaper for completely naked photos. These are a perfect time to photograph their precious rolls, tiny feet, and cute little bum.

Throughout the session, we will use a variety of backdrops and props that complement their skin tone and sex. I also encourage parents to bring any props or blankets that mean a lot to their family. Sometimes couples will bring handmade quilts, or knitted hats that their mother made for them. This will add a very personal touch to your session and photos. Eventually, after feeding and diaper changes, we will begin shooting photos with the parents and the newborn. These are probably my favorite photos because the parents are glowing with joy and love. I usually will have the parents wear very nuetral colored shirts or tank-tops to ensure that the focus of the photos is your connect with the baby. If the father is comfortable, we can also do some bare chested photos, with the baby resting peacefully in his arms or on his chest.

So beautiful! Here are some of my favorites from my session with the Dunbar family and their precious girl. Let me know what one is your favorite!

Newborn Photographer Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer Lafayette Indiana

Lafayette Newborn Photographer | Baby Hagan


Having a studio has completely changed how I shoot newborn portraits - in a good way! Now I can actively involve all the family members, turn on some soothing music, and let mom and dad relax while I photograph their precious newborn. It also becomes a time that the whole family can remember and enjoy. That is why this session was so fun! The whole family was there and his siblings love him so much. If he was crying they would come over and check on him to make sure he's okay. If he was stinky, they would stay as far away as possible :)

And my absolute favorites shots were when they were cuddling up with their new baby brother. These pictures are priceless and I am so happy the family was able to come in and be involved in the session!

One thing to remember when involving the family with newborn sessions is to be prepared for a little longer newborn portrait session. Normally the sessions last 2-3 hours due to stopping points, feeding, changing the diaper and all of that jazz! But with a family involved, it may take up to 4 hours. But it is worth it!

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