Tippecanoe Arts Federation- Taste of Tippecanoe

Taste of Tippecanoe | Lafayette Indiana Photographer

As always, the Taste of Tippecanoe was delicious and entertaining! The mister and I live a few blocks away and make it a tradition to walk over to experience all of the BBQ, Candies, and burgers that we can handle while listening to the local artists. It is so awesome and we look forward to it every year. This year had great bands and food. I also had the treat to photograph the event for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation that helped put this event on. It was my job to capture the liveliness, vendors, and great people that came to support the event. I just loved the kids running around, playing with chalk, and dancing to the music. I loved how happy people are when they are full. It is a very content happiness that is always fun to photograph.

Our favorite place to stop is always Kathy's Kandies. We make sure to have a few extra tickets to spare when we make it to their tent. What restaurant was your favorite?

Taste of TippecanoeTaste of TippecanoeTaste of TippecanoeTaste of Tippecanoe