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Little Man is One! | Photographer in Lafayette Indiana


Let me take a deeeep breathe here. Breeeeaaathe. I now have a one year old! When did this happen?? Uh wasn't it just a minute ago that I had no idea how to breastfeed, was barely sleeping, and lived in my PJs day after day? I swear it was not a YEAR ago! Oh my goodness... But I do have to say, I love this age sooo much. He is SO fun. He just started to get confidence in his walking skills and always turns to us, glowing with pride, when he successfully reached his destination with no help at all! It has meant that all cupboards and drawers are pretty much fair game for him now...meaning that our house is the definition of a war zone. But I've come to find peace in this war zone of mine. I love seeing his little trail of adventure. He's learning and trying to figure out this world he's in!

But I was anxiously awaiting his one year party so we can give him cake! I knew that he would love it, but I would never have guessed how quickly he devoured that cake! It's like babies were born with the natural instinct to DEVOUR all signs of cake. No training involved! (PS. Ins't devour a weird word? I keep thinking I am spelling it wrong, but I'm not!)

But before I dive into our year session, I want to remind everyone what he looked like at just a week old.

Photographer in Lafayette Indiana

Stinkin' cute right? Like a little old, teeny man. I have this blown up on my wall. I never want to forget this version of him...all 8.1 lbs of him.

And now he is just a ball of joy! He makes my world so full and so exciting. Curt and I have learned so much about being parents, about each other, and about life in general. We have learned what really matters and how we want to keep each other close always.



We had a blast during his cake smash in the studio! Here's some of my favorites from his little session.

Ian Photographer in Lafayette Indiana 2

Ian Photographer in Lafayette Indiana 2 Ian Photographer in Lafayette Indiana 2 Ian Photographer in Lafayette Indiana 2

Bahaha! I just get a crack out of the one with his fist in the air. Soo funny. And check out that belly below!!

Ian Photographer in Lafayette Indiana 2