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Izetta's Studio Lifestyle Session | Lafayette Indiana

Izetta's Studio Lifestyle Session | Lafayette Indiana

Okay. Stop right here if you want to see some gorgeous newborn photos. They are beautiful, simple, and real. And I just can’t stop staring at them!!

Adelyn | 10 Days New | Newborn Photographer in Lafayette Indiana


Editing these Adelyn's newborn photos was actually pretty difficult. There were SO MANY good ones! I definitely over shared with this session, but I couldn't help it! Adelyn's newborn session was perfection from the moment she walked into my studio. We started by having mom nurse her to sleep and then the magic happened! She feel into these beautiful poses and just molded in my hands. I think she liked how warm my hands were too! I think Mom & Dad were kind of amazed at how their new little baby was posing! She was such a perfect model for me. I want her back! :)

We started the session with a warm pink set up and then moved to a white blanket, which I LOVED on her. White is probably my favorite on babies. Next we incorporated a beautiful purple blanket that worked so well with her skin. Afterwards we took some prop shots and then did the family shots - which are always so special. I always tell parents that these are the ones that they will really treasure and will want to frame all over their house.


Ps. If you want to check out my Facebook page, I always post super adorable sneak peaks!

Pss. If you are interested in booking a newborn session or just have questions in general, shoot me a message! I would love to help!

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Beautiful Smiley Family | Lafayette Indiana Family Photographer


One of the greatest joys I have as a photographer is being able to watch families grow. I get to see them in different stages in life and capture this beautiful love between all the members. It really is beautiful and inspires me as a mother to see such amazing families. These are a few of my favorites from their session...Laura is stunning and her children are so beautiful! I was so honored to be able to photograph them during this time in their life.

Let me know if you have any questions about booking a session! I am currently booking for the rest of 2015 and am filling up pretty fast. I have a few spots of for April (Yikes!) and am filling up in June.

Laura Lafayette Indiana Photographer 4 Laura Lafayette Indiana Photographer 2 Laura Lafayette Indiana Photographer

Beautiful Zoey | Lafayette Indiana Newborn Photographer


This last month, leading up to the last days of my own pregnancy, I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph a few more gorgeous newborns. And my heart melted with each and every one - as I imagined them as my own little newborn. It really is a blessing to be able to photograph these incredible moments, the overwhelming love of the parents, and the perfect features that only newborns can have - like teeny finger nails, long eye lashes, and plump lips. The things that you never, ever want to forget because they will grow up so fast.

That may be what amazes me most about newborns - how short of time they actually are newborn. What would you say it is? One month? Two weeks? And then BAM - they aren't newborn anymore!

During the session with Zoey and her awesome parents, we were able to experiment with her dad's collection of guitars and the cutest accessories in the world. Once asleep, I was able to pose her in baskets, blankets, and gently on the guitar. Which turned out to be an awesome shot!

Now she will be able to see that guitar and how small she was compared to it. That will be something special to her and her parents always :)

Let me know what shot is your favorite! I am dying to hear.

Pearl Photo & Design newborn photographer2

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