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Lifestyle Newborn session with Francis

Lifestyle Newborn session with Francis

Meet little Francis, or Frankie. She was so incredibly adorable during her lifestyle newborn session. I loved photographing their little family in their gorgeous historical home. Their entire session

Benjamin's adorable newborn session

I was really, really honored to be apart of this newborn session. This adorable couple was actually good friends with one of my best friends here in town. So I knew about them through the grapevine and heard their whole pregnancy adventures (which were a lot!). These two had a few interesting moments leading up to baby Ben. So when I finally met these three beautiful people, I felt like I already knew them! I wanted to hang out with them alllll day long (well, we kinda did hang out all day...but it didn't feel like it)! They were just enamored with Benjamin, his head full of hair, and his perfect chunky rolls. It is the sweetest thing to see a couple transform into incredible parents. They are just so dang happy - despite their major lack of sleep!

And my other favorite memory from these guys was how they tried really, really hard to keep him awake for the session, especially since they drove here from Indy. And you know how little babies love their carseats. Instant dream mode! Well they truly succeeded and everyone was perfect for the session. I loved spending the day with them, hearing their stories, providing support, and cuddling their little one. They are a blessed family, that's for sure!