Stacy & Charlie | Wedding Photographer

It's one thing to be in the heart of downtown Chicago, another thing to be on a boat in Chicago, and an entirely different thing to be on a boat at a wedding in the heart of Chicago, photographing the entire thing! I can promise you that this is a dream of a photographer to experience. You are surrounded by beauty and life. Being on the boat, we almost felt like the entire city was celebrating their love with us! People in restaurants, other boats, or random observers cheered for Stacy & Charlie all night long! It was thrilling and so contagious. Stacy was bubbling with happiness, excitement, and love non-stop. It was so fun capturing that on camera for her. It also was incredibly beautiful to see these two families come together and support the love between these two. They have incredible families that love them to pieces. And they sure know how to celebrate! I saw some awesome dance moves on the floor that night - making me want to hop on in there wit them!

Everything about their wedding was perfect - from the weather, to the people there, to the gorgeous sunset coloring the sky. I had to stop sometimes and just admire the beauty around us. It was incredible and was the perfect place to celebrate the marriage of these two - who are also so full of life, love, and beauty.

And I also have to stay that DJ Sunn was mixing his beats like crazy! He was bring the party to the next level. Everyone was up shakin' their booties, and moving to the beat. The hubby and I were shaking our booties behind the camera all night long.

The evening was splendid, but the marriage between these two was priceless. I wish you two all the best and the happiest of marriages! Thank you for having me be there to capture this day for you.

Now tell me, would you ever do a wedding on a Chicago boat tour?