Baby Sawyer | Lafayette Newborn Photographer

Sawyer melted my heart, just like all of the other newborns I have photographed. He was so precious and had one of the funniest facial expressions I have ever seen on a newborn! All of his little wrinkles would bunch up into a little scowl, which made your instantly chuckle. I was seriously laughing every time he made that face! Not only that, I have never met a newborn that drank so much! That's all he wanted the entire session - to drink! I think he went through several bottles and wasn't phased once. I was very impressed. But finally - a million bottles later- Sawyer's eyes became heavy and he drifted off into the dream world. Even though it was short lived, I was able to capture quite a few beautiful images of this little guy.

My favorites are probably the ones with his mother though. Kellie is so beautiful and she glows when she holds her little guy. What one is you favorite shot?