Roman | 6 Month Session


Ooooh Roman, how your rolls, cheeks, and big blue eyes have stolen my heart. There were just too many amazingly adorable photos from your 6 month session. He hadn't quite mastered sitting up, so we did a lot of tummy time, back time, and hanging out in baskets. My absolute favorite part is when we stripped him now to nothing but his bare bottom. What is it about nakey babies that makes your heart all squishy. Haha that probably didn't sound right? But he was soo adorable and I think he knows it too.

I can't wait for his one year session!! I wonder how he will do with a cake!

If you are interested in a milestone session for your little one, I would love to hear from you! They typically are about 45 minutes and 2-3 outfits!

Shoot me an email.

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