Rock The Shot | January Challenge

Rock the Shot's January Photo Challenge is 'Favorite Shot of 2012.' This is nearly an impossible task to select just one out an entire year's worth of images, but I narrowed it down to a few favorites and finally settled the beautiful Shannon.  The stars aligned for this session- it had been raining all day long and I was so worried that we would have to cancel. But 20 minutes before our session, the clouds parted and the rain stopped. We hiked for a good fifteen minutes and came upon these beautiful cascading falls. I slipped on my rain boots and made my way out into the middle of the creek while Shannon carefully found her way to the middle of the sloping rocks. When I snapped this photo, I forgot to breathe for a few moments. It was so stunning. The colors were so rich and Shannon seemed to radiate. Being a nature girl, this photo completely complemented her personality. I love this shot so much.

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