Olive | One Year Cake Smash Session | Lafayette Indiana Photographer

Drum roll please. I would love to introduce the beautiful. The adorable. The amazing...Miss Olivia! Who just turned one and is completely loving life right now. She's getting parties and cakes and cute outfits and balloons! She's got it all!

And her mother definitely raised her right, very comfortable in front of the camera. She was smiling and looking adorable the ENTIRE TIME. I felt like the heaven parted and sent me down a little one year old angel!

She was SO cute, especially when we brought out her little mini cake. At first she was like, oooh Pink! I like pink! And then she was like..."OOhhh, CAKE! I like cake!"

I had a blast with her and I told her mom that I might have to steal her in the near future for more shoots!