Nikki + John | Wedding Photographer

This was one of the funnest weddings I have ever photographed. I secretly wished I was a guest so that I could enjoy everything that was going on! First of all, the couple was very much in love. Congratulations Nikki & John! I am truly so excited for both of you and I know that you will love being each other's Mr. & Mrs.

Second of all - they sent me up 40 feet high on a cherry-picker to shoot a few shots of the entire wedding. It was a little (a lot) nerve wrecking and so exciting! I was as tall as the trees and everyone looking liked little, teeny legos people. That was a first for me.

And during their reception they had dancing, corn hole, NERF guns, and a MASSEUSE! I am telling you, they treat their guests right. The kids were entertained the entire time and the parents were able to kick back and relax, while getting their feet rubbed. How incredible is that? So all you brides at there, if you want to make your guests happy - get someone to rub their feet!