Newborn Poppy

You have no idea how excited I was for this session! First of all, I witnessed and photographed her birth. How incredible is that? I have known her from the moment she was born! Not many people can say that...besides her parents and sister...and nurses and midwife...but still!

These are a few from the birth session. You can find photos of her birth at this link: Poppy's Birth.

Another reason I was SO excited for this session is because she is a girl! For some odd reason, all of my newborn sessions have been with adorable little boys. But with a girl, you can put cute head bands on them and use girly colors. And we did! That was definitely exciting. And thirdly, I love this family so much. I could spend all day with them and have a blast. And I definitely could photograph this BEAUTIFUL allll day. They are all so incredibly gorgeous.

So without further adieu, here is Poppy. Let me know what you think and what ones are your favorite!