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The minute I met these two lovebirds I knew that they were perfect for each other. They complemented one another like peanut butter and jelly - like hot chocolate and a cozy fire - like Tinker Bell and fairy dust...You get the picture. They were so excited just talking about their wedding, I couldn't imagine how happy they would be on their wedding day! Until I saw them. Absolutely handsome and gorgeous. They looked perfect, and so did everything else. Their wedding was magical. Their colors were light pink paired with whites and greens. They had beautiful bouquets made by Heather's Flowers which were a work of art. She even topped the cake off to make everything flow together. And Brooke's dress! I was in love! The back of her dress was lined with delicate lace and perfectly lined bows. When it was paired with her incredible eyes, amazing smile, and elegant up-do, she looked like a bride from one of the magazines. Everyone in the entire room couldn't keep their eyes off of her, especially her husband! He was smitten and felt like the luckiest man in the world. They both felt that way!

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