Izetta's Studio Lifestyle Session | Lafayette Indiana

Okay. So first off. This week, the kids went with their grandparents for the morning. We call it "Groompa Camp" (Grammy + Boompa). And it was ammmmmaaaazzzzing. I was able to work and edit some gorgeous photos. Man oh man. I'm feeling good. 

Let's start from the beginning. Andrea is such an amazing mother. I met Joe and Andrea after they had their first baby. And their story is amazing. They didn't know if they could have kids and it turned out they were able to! 

And now with their second, they were beyond excited. And when I received the text:

"So, we need some newborn photos!"

I did a little cartwheel! I was so excited. I LOVE hearing newborn stories and everything about the birth. I love seeing how a new child changes their families and their relationships. Its beautiful and moving and intimate. 

And their photos are exactly that. Beautiful, perfect, authentic, and intimate. Just like them. 


Are you expecting? Are you interested in a studio or lifestyle newborn session? Let me know! I'd love to chat and schedule a session. I am very flexible and would love to answer any questions you have. Shoot me a message!