Ian | 4 Month Portraits


I've learned a lot these past 4 months. A lot about myself, a lot about Ian, a lot about families. I've learned that I am not a morning person at all (morning meaning 5:00 in the morning). I've learned that being a working mother was a lot harder that I originally anticipated. But I have also learned that it's okay to let other people take care of your little one. He's learning people skills and making SO many friends at daycare. I've learned what true happiness feels like - to an ever greater extent than what I knew before. I've also learned how to be a better teammate with my husband. We're in this together and we help each other out. We rotate naps during the day, we make breakfast for each other, and we make sure to have our special date nights on a weekly basis (thanks to the help of our awesome parents!).

I've learned that it's tough being a baby. He can't tell us what he wants, what he doesn't want, or why he may be sad. He just has to wait for us to figure it out. Sometimes that can be a while :) I've learned that schedules are a blessing from up above! Gosh - before we started him on a schedule we were playing the guessing game 24/7. Now we know when he's hungry, when he's tired, and when he wants to play. We're starting to get this parent thing down! I know, I know - we still have a lot to learn. But I am proud of us!

I've learned that families are here for a reason. You learn humility, service, and selflessness through families. You put the other person before yourself - and I don't think you get to experience that fully until you have a little one.

I just feel so blessed!

A little about Ian right now:

  • He is very talkative and loves to gurgle a lot
  • His feet are his best friends right now. He grabs them like they are the new, coolest toy.
  • He is an awesome sleeper. He goes done around 9 and then sleeps through the night until 5, then goes back down again until 8:30
  • He's been sick once so far, and that was pretty rough on us. Not much sleep during that time period!
  • He loves the pool!

Here's some pictures from a quick photo session I had. I just love them so much! 20140823-untitled shoot-545-2 20140823-untitled shoot-551-2 20140823-untitled shoot-585 20140823-untitled shoot-600 20140823-untitled shoot-608 20140823-untitled shoot-625 20140823-untitled shoot-643