Hannah | Lafayette Portrait Photographer


This session was such a FUN session, because 1) Hannah has such a fun personality and 2) The camera loves her! I also love how important portraits are to her parents. They make it a priority to document their daughter's life and fill their home with her gorgeous photos. Which isn't the case for a lot of families. As a child photographer, I have noticed a trend. Once kids reach age 5/6/7, parents seem to stop taking them to portrait studios. There will be a hefty collection from their newborns session, some as they are still cute and pudgy, and then....nothing. My younger brother has an album with 4 whole pages - and that's it from him childhood! Partly, I think this is because of Instagram. We snap pictures all day long - why would we need professional portraits taken? And secondly, you are BUSY! You are juggling practices, games, homework, exercise, grocery shopping, work, AND everything else life demands. And when this happens, portraits seem to fall to the very bottom of the list. But a professional is SO important. Not only for your family photo albums - for your son or daughter! In this era (more so now than any other), teens are inundated with images of ridiculously skinny models and pictures of unattainable (and often unnatural) beauty. They start comparing themselves to these models, instead of realizing how beautiful they really are. I truly think that having GREAT portraits of themselves can bring confidence during there teenage years! I would love to hear your thoughts about this! What makes your son/daughter feel beautiful? Pearl Photo & Design Hannah5 Pearl Photo & Design Hannah4 Pearl Photo & Design Hannah3 Pearl Photo & Design Hannah2 Pearl Photo & Design Hannah