Elliots | Family Photographer | Patriotic Mini Session

If there ever was a patriotic family, it would be this one (and a beautiful one at that!). The greatest thing about this session is that Brett served our country a little over 4 years ago and brought his military boots to include in the session. And as I photographed this family, I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the sacrifices this family has made for me personally and for our country. They have sacrificed everything, from time, sweat, tears, and pieces of their lives. Where would we be without families like this one? I can't even imagine. We truly are blessed! So thank you Elliot family for making my Fourth so special and helping keep our country free. I absolutely love this session and am honored that I was able to photograph it for you.

I hope that this inspires you to give a soldier a hug or a thank you note - and keep them in your prayers.

PS. Thanks to my amazing mother who gave me the American flag that was used in the patriotic sessions. Cool story about it - this flag actually flew over Indiana's capital in the 80's. It's a pretty big deal.