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First, let's talk about Edison and then we can check out how beautiful he is! Edison was only 14 days old and was so squishy! He loved being wrapped up tight or in his parents' arms. And they definitely didn't have any problems with that :) I snuck in some cuddle time too, that's for sure (Which is exactly why being a Newborn Lafayette Indiana Photographer is the best job in the world).

Side note. I secretly think that Lafayette does have the cutest, most adorable babies! I get spoiled here. 

Back to business. Edison was one of the most alert babies I have had so far...in the beginning. But once we were able to get him to sleep, he was out. We could do whatever we wanted! A photographer's dream :)

If interested, here are some tricks to working with an awake baby:

  1. Wait to feed him until he is tired. If you feed him while he is still alert and awake, it will be more difficult getting him to sleep later.
  2. Let him play and look around. He might be just trying to get used to the new environment around him. Once he has burned enough calories, he will let you know that he is ready for a deep, deep slumber.
  3. If possible, try to avoid wrapping him tightly. He will get comfortable in the wrap and it will be very difficult to remove it when he's asleep.
  4. With Edison, I held him and rocked him gently for a while - which he loved! I think he felt like he was back in the womb.
  5. Be patient!! Don't try to force a baby asleep. It doesn't work too well and you, as the newborn photographer, will start feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The parents can sense it, the babies can sense it - and then everyone in the room is stressed!

Let me know if you have any tricks up your sleeves for the awake babes! I would love to hear.


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