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As your family gets older, it gets harder and harder to get everyone together. Being the oldest of five, I took my family living close for granted for a long long time! It wasn't until these past few year that I realized how much I missed my siblings as they have been traveling, going to college, and serving missions. I really miss them tons - especially as I experienced lots of new things this year: pregnancy, giving birth, being a mom!

I wanted to share these experiences with my siblings, and email/phone can only get you so far. So having them here this summer has been so amazing. I've been a little greedy and had them visit me and Ian almost daily! And we spent so much time together, making memories and laughing at the adorable things Ian does. We had to make up for lost time!

We also had to take advantage of everyone being together. So we all scheduled a block out of everyone's busy schedules and got together for some family portraits. Taking my family portraits aren't the easiest - especially with my crazy/goofy family, but I think they turned out amazingly. Especially considering most were done with my tripod and remote! But that is one thing I do love about it. Being a photographer, I know exactly how I want my family posed or what I am envisioning in my mind. And it takes a few extra shots, but eventually we get there!

And on top of that, we have a blast doing it! We even snuck in some silly shots which we would probably consider the "normal" ones. Those ones may be my favorite!

I don't always recommend it, but if needed, here are some tips for taking your own family photos!

  1. Find some of color combinations that work for everyone in the family!
    • Colors are always the hardest decision to make. To make things easier, choose a base color and then add accenting colors that will make the photos really pop. Our session we decided to do mints, corals, and neutrals.
  2. Be patient and in no rush
    • Doing your own family portraits is difficult because you have no one telling you what poses to do, what direction to face, and when to smile. It's all a guessing game! When that is the case, you need to be prepared to take a few extra shots, adjust the photo a bit, changes poses, and then take another shot. You keep doing this until it is perfect.
  3. Use a reliable tripod and a remote
    • This makes the entire project much easier and you feel more confident leaving your expensive camera on your tripod. I take it an extra step and weight by tripod down. I do not want that thing falling over!
  4. Have fun and laugh a lot!
    • In situations like this, it may be easy to tense up and get frustrated. But if you make it a fun event, the experience will be one everyone remembers!

I know that sometimes these quick family do-it-yourself sessions are needed! But I also think it's important to get family portraits done by a professional, who knows how to pose, direct, and enhance your photos to make them ones you will cherish for a lifetime.

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