Griffin Birthday Session


Do you have friends in your life that you really look up to and admire? You bubble with excitement when they walk through the door because they are that awesome - and are so dang funny? That is how I feel with the Dorton family. I want to soak in all of their adorable parenting talents and learn how to be so talkative as they are. They are just incredible people and I wish I could hang out with them every single weekend. This is the truth.

It also is so fun seeing Griffin morph into this adorable walking baby. He still has similar features as his newborn self - his eyes and nose - but he has changed so much! It's amazing and I just wanted to play with him the whole time.

He did crack me up because he really wasn't interested in his cake all that much. He kind of smeared things around  and I am not sure if any actually entered his mouth? But that's better for his parents right!

Well here is a little sneak into our session!

Birthday Session in the Studio with Pearl Photo & Design Birthday Session in the Studio with Pearl Photo & Design Birthday Session in the Studio with Pearl Photo & Design

Interested in a birthday session for your one year old? I'd love to help out! Email me here. 

Adelina is TWO!

So I am kind of freaking out right now as I write this! Adelina is TWO. Holy cow! I have known Adelina for two years now and it truly went by really really fast. She really is so beautiful! I am hoping that when my little guy (who is turning 2 next week) grows up a bit, he can get her number!! ;) That would make me so so happy, because I love this entire family so much. And I really love seeing them warm up to me and the camera. It's like they don't even realize I am there anymore! They just act cute and do their own thing. That is my favorite. And for Adelina's birthday session, we jumped on the bed and had a special tea party. It was so adorable how she poured the tea for everyone. Gosh, girls are the best!

Here's some photos from her adorable session! I snuck some in of her awesome brother too. I couldn't help it!!

If you are interested in a studio or outdoor birthday session for your children, let me know! I would love to be your photographer! Kids really are so great and fun to photograph!

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