A family and their pup | Family Photographer Lafayette IN

A family and their pup | Family Photographer Lafayette IN

I met Victoria 3 years ago? I believe. V - correct me if I'm wrong lol. And she is just a charmer. You want to be near her and LIKE her. She is a genuine and caring person and I am so blessed to have met her and to have her friendship in my life. And I have also watched Victoria grow and blossom her own photography business, Luminant Photography, and it has been incredible to see her develop and learn.

One Year Anniversary Session | Meet the Leavitts


When should we do an anniversary session?

This is a common question asked by young married couples and seasoned married couples alike. When is the best time to have an anniversary session? The answer is quite simple - you can do anniversary sessions yearly or perhaps spaced out a little more. But it is important to have them - it is celebrating a big achievement in your life! And from personal experience, it gives you an opportunity to spend an hour or so looking absolutely stunning and kissing/hugging/cuddling your favorite person in the world. But there are some good tips to remember when planning your anniversary session!

A few fun photography tips:

  1. Avoid matchy, matchy outfits

A lot of people tend to lean towards wearing very matchy outfits during their sessions - weather that be the same exact color or same pattern. The truth is that that doesn't turn out so well in photos. Wear clothes that correspond with one another, but aren't the same exact thing. It also helps if you wear something that you love. Base the colors off of what you know looks good on you. You will feel more confident and happy during the session!

  1. Choose a special location

When your location means something to your marriage, the session will have a lot more meaning to both of you. For example, this past year the mister and I had a photo session at our home - so we can remember where we were at this time in our lives.

Another important thing to remember is the time of the session. Early morning or 2 hours before sunset is ideal.

3. Have fun!

Get excited for your anniversary and reminisce about the memories you have had as a couple. Laugh with each other - your pictures will show your love.

4. Involve your pets

Many couples I have worked with don't have children, but they have pets! And their pets are as much a part of their relationship as they are. Feel free to bring them along and play with your dog or cat during the session.

It is good to remember to bring a crate along, so that you can photograph just the two of you as well!

Let me know if you have any other tips for anniversary sessions! I also wanted to introduce you to the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Leavitt - who celebrated their one year anniversary this year! And they are still just as much in love as the day they were married. I have so much fun meeting couple and hearing their interesting stories. Everyone has it! That is why anniversary sessions are a blast. Lafayette Indiana Photographer8 Lafayette Indiana Photographer7 Lafayette Indiana Photographer6 Lafayette Photographer One Year Anniversary Photos Anniversary Photographer Anniversary Session Lafayette Indiana Photographer

Mr. & Mrs. Lucio | Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer


The minute I met these two lovebirds I knew that they were perfect for each other. They complemented one another like peanut butter and jelly - like hot chocolate and a cozy fire - like Tinker Bell and fairy dust...You get the picture. They were so excited just talking about their wedding, I couldn't imagine how happy they would be on their wedding day! Until I saw them. Absolutely handsome and gorgeous. They looked perfect, and so did everything else. Their wedding was magical. Their colors were light pink paired with whites and greens. They had beautiful bouquets made by Heather's Flowers which were a work of art. She even topped the cake off to make everything flow together. And Brooke's dress! I was in love! The back of her dress was lined with delicate lace and perfectly lined bows. When it was paired with her incredible eyes, amazing smile, and elegant up-do, she looked like a bride from one of the magazines. Everyone in the entire room couldn't keep their eyes off of her, especially her husband! He was smitten and felt like the luckiest man in the world. They both felt that way!

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Stacy & Charlie | Wedding Photographer

It's one thing to be in the heart of downtown Chicago, another thing to be on a boat in Chicago, and an entirely different thing to be on a boat at a wedding in the heart of Chicago, photographing the entire thing! I can promise you that this is a dream of a photographer to experience. You are surrounded by beauty and life. Being on the boat, we almost felt like the entire city was celebrating their love with us! People in restaurants, other boats, or random observers cheered for Stacy & Charlie all night long! It was thrilling and so contagious. Stacy was bubbling with happiness, excitement, and love non-stop. It was so fun capturing that on camera for her. It also was incredibly beautiful to see these two families come together and support the love between these two. They have incredible families that love them to pieces. And they sure know how to celebrate! I saw some awesome dance moves on the floor that night - making me want to hop on in there wit them!

Everything about their wedding was perfect - from the weather, to the people there, to the gorgeous sunset coloring the sky. I had to stop sometimes and just admire the beauty around us. It was incredible and was the perfect place to celebrate the marriage of these two - who are also so full of life, love, and beauty.

And I also have to stay that DJ Sunn was mixing his beats like crazy! He was bring the party to the next level. Everyone was up shakin' their booties, and moving to the beat. The hubby and I were shaking our booties behind the camera all night long.

The evening was splendid, but the marriage between these two was priceless. I wish you two all the best and the happiest of marriages! Thank you for having me be there to capture this day for you.

Now tell me, would you ever do a wedding on a Chicago boat tour?


Tippany & Andrew | Rustic Anniversary Session

This was such a fun anniversary session. I really cannot believe how fast time flies. It was a year ago that this adorable couple was married! And although they may not be in their wedding gown and tux, their love for each other is just as strong (if not stronger) than it was a year ago. I am truly honored to be able to celebrate this momentous achievement with you two. I know that the first year is often filled with surprises, ups, downs, and several round-abouts. I know - I have been there! But I also know that these years together are the best.

I am so happy for you two and I know that these coming years will be even better than the first! You will continue to grow stronger as a couple and truly appreciate each other's joys and successes and be for each other when they hit a rough patch.

Happy 1 year!