Victoria & Zach | Home & Lafayette Session

YAYY!!  For amazing friends and super adorable couples who buy really cool houses, with really cool doors! Victoria is a friend of mine who also does amazing work at Luminant Photography. We both did a photo swap which was probably a lot easier for me ;) I get to work with these two and Victoria had to chase around my crazy 2 year old. I'm not sure if it was entirely fair haha! Well Zach & Victoria are a powerhouse couple. They are incredibly hardworking and talented. Zach is playing for a band down in Indy (while working full-time) while Victoria is a photographer (while working full-time). Craziness, right! They are so impressive and I wish I could bottle up their energy and drink it every day.

Thank you Victoria for your friendship and photo talents!

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Kelsey + Justin | Lafayette Engagement Photographer

I have been dying to post this session. Every photograph I snapped (+700!) was so beautiful. It was hard to narrow my favorites down. But here's the story with Justin and Kelsey. They are both incredibly beautiful and happy people. They make each other glow with happiness - which will be very evident in a few moments. This April, the two dined at the delicious La Scala. Kelsey was a little suspicious at this point and was waiting for the moment he would propose...but nothing. Instead Justin acted like nothing was happening at all. They then walked hand-in-hand across the pedestrian bridge, admiring the scene. And according to Kelsey, " Once we made it part way on the bridge, he stopped me, and got on one knee, and asked me to MARRY HIM!" Of course Kelsey said yes! They will be married later this year, and live happily ever after.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session. I would love to hear what one is YOUR favorite.

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Jeff & Audrey | Lafayette Engagement Photographer

You should have seen my face when I got this email: So I'm planning to propose at Purdue Thursday evening this week and was wondering if you would be available.

I'm planning to propose between 6 and 7 at the union. Basically I've set it up to where she thinks she's going out to eat with friends at 7 and she will be meeting them at the union, where I'll be waiting :)

I was ALL smiles! Oh my gosh I was so excited. I felt like an FBI agent, hiding in the grass with my big, ol' cameras and lenses. There were a lot of weird looks coming my way, but it was so worth it. The moment when Jeff got down on one knee was incredible. It was like the world stopped for a moment. Audrey was astonished and so in love. Her arms flew around Jeff and she said the magical words: "Yes!".

It was such an amazing experience and I was so honored that you two asked me to capture this incredible day for you. I truly wish you two all the happiness in the world!

Lindsay & Tamir | Pearl Photo & Design

Lindsay & Tamir - Congratulations! If these two amazing, beautiful individuals do not make you smile, I have no clue what will. They are one of the sweetest/ cutest couples I know and I had a BLAST photographing their engagements for them. They were all giggly and cutesy the entire time. That is one of the best parts about engagements - it's a day that you dedicate specifically for being romantic and cute with the love of you life. It is a day that you forget about the wedding plans and stresses and just spend time with your future hubby. That is exactly what these two love birds did, despite the chilly winter weather. Congratulations you two - you are almost there to your big wedding day. I am so glad that I get to be there for you, capturing the special love you share.

Pearl Photo & Design Engagement Photographer