Leah | Senior Photographer

Today is Leah's birthday and I thought I would feature her on the blog, as a little birthday treat!

Leah graduated from Purdue this May with a degree in Visual Communications Design. To celebrate this great achievement, we had a wonderful photo-op! She is stunning and her smile is incredible. I couldn't stop smiling behind the camera every time she started smiling. She truly was glowing with excitement for her future and all of her successes.

It was a blast spending the evening on Purdue's campus, talking about our favorite places and biggest memories. Leah, congratulations on all you have achieved! I know that you will do great things in your life.






Purdue University Senior Photographer

Hot House Market | Events Photographer

Have you been to the hottest chic/vintage store in town? It probably is my favorite place to go. It's called Hot House Market and it's fabulous. Recently, the celebrated their 1 year anniversary and threw a little party. They had adorable cupcakes, vintage soda, and great sales going on. They called me up and asked if I would photograph the event for them. Of course, I said "Of Course!" Events are one of my favorite types of sessions. Everything is so beautiful and picturesque! If you are looking for an events photographer in Lafayette, feel free to give me a call! I would love to capture your unique birthday party, corporate event, or grand store opening. Having a professional  photographer there is awesome for 3 main reasons: (1) it takes the event to the next level and, (2) You can remember all the beautiful details that you worked so hard on and, (3) You can share these photos via social media or with those who couldn't make it. Lasting memories are made through photos.

And while you're at it, head over to the Hot House Market to decorate your event. You will find vintage treasures that will truly make your event stand out. Like these:

Lafayette Events PhotographerHot House MarketLafayette Corporate PhotographerLafayette Events Photographer



Daddy & Me Mini Sessions

I wanted to do something special for all of the incredible dads out there. This weekend I will be having a handful of wonderful mini sessions that will truly capture the love you have for your father.This is a perfect gift that will truly be remembered for a lifetime.

For more information on the mini sessions that will be held on June 14/15, feel free to email me at @info@pearlphotodesign.com

Lafayette Family Photographer Mini Session

Before & After Newborn Tutorial | Pearl Photo and Design

Hey! So I absolutely love tutorials. I love learned with them, reading them, testing them. They are so great. But I decided to post one about how I expand the background for my newborn photos. I also show you a little sneak peak of what my set-ups normally look like when I shoot newborn photos. First of all, here is the before and after photos of this adorable guy:


Look at that smile! I had to keep this photo. The issue is, what do I do with the background! It's actually pretty simple. All you really need is Photoshop, a similar photo with a similar background, the Masking tool, and the Stamp tool (my favorites).

These are the two photos that I will be using to extend the background and clean up the photo a bit. As you can see they are very similar. One just has a little more background in it - which is exactly why I took it.

So what I did was copy the adorable, smiley photo into the image with more background.


Good! Step one is complete. The next part gets a little, teensy bit more tricky, but nothing too difficult. You will want use the masking tool, by pressing the little button with a square and a black circle on it. You then will grab your brush and make sure you use the color black at 100% opacity.

My brush size was about 250 px which a soft edge.


Okay, so we are almost there. We have the image masked, but it still isn't completely covered yet. I then grab the wonderful STAMP tool and select the bottom layer. By pressing ALT, I can choose where exactly I want my source to be for the stamp tool. You want to choose an area that is similar in texture and tone.


I stamped the grayish area, right about his head. You might have to re-ALT your stamp every so often so you can keep stamping the background. But after a few stamps, the background is extended and the photo is starting to look the way you wanted it! After finishing the final background details, I usually play with the CURVES layer to brighten the image. I then will use the STAMP & PATCH tool to fix any blemishes. Finally to even the newborn's skin tone, I will brush over with very low opacity (12%). This gives their skin a nice even glow.

And that's that! Piece of cake!

And here's a shot of the set-up that I have when I take newborns. It's nothing too fancy, but it definitely gets the job done. 


Pretty much everything I get was from Amazon. Amazon and I are best buds. But the space heater, you can get from anywhere. Mine was from Wal-Mart, but I do know that Home Depot carries some nice sized ones as well. I am actually triggering my flash with another 580 ex that is on my camera. But you can also you PocketWizards or cheaper Cowboy triggers.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are and if you have any questions!

Pearl Photo & Design | photography snow techniques

Sometimes we have a version in our head, but the settings just don't cooperate. That is exactly what happened for me. I wanted snow for this shot, but it just wasn't coming. So instead I decided to create it using Photoshop - and I absolutely love how it turned out. So for all of you wanting to create this same effect, follow these steps and see how it turns out!