The Beautiful Donahue Family


I would love to share with you something that really touched my heart and made an impact in my life. This August I was praying for an opportunity to help a family in need.  I wanted to give the gift of photography to someone, but didn't know who. The very next day I received an email which brought tears to my eyes and I truly believe was an answer to my prayers. It was Hayley's sister, telling me about Hayley's family.

"Her children are her life and she constantly amazes me at how much she gives to them. Her first little girl Molly was born with acute asthma, and they have always been in and out of the hospital since her birth with asthma attacks and breathing difficulties. They became regulars at Riley’s Children’s Hospital. Over time they have learned to manage her asthma, and although still a part of daily life, Molly has grown into an incredible, bright and happy little girl.

Rory followed along shortly after and embodies the definition of a little boy – he loves all loud noises, machines and dirt. Then, not long after, Hayley discovered she was pregnant again. A surprise to be sure – but a blessing of course.

Nine months later, Carly was born. Within hours, Hayley was given the life-altering news, that her baby has dwarfism. She has said since then her life will forever be defined by that moment. Since that time, it has been such a mix of fear, worry, doubt, grief…and hope. She has faced this challenge head on and come out stronger through it. I have watched her and her family learn, grow, laugh and cope together. Carly is a gorgeous little girl, who I know is faced with a life-long battle against not only her own limitations, but also those of the world."

My heart was filled with love for them when I read this. This family has gone through hardships and despite their battles, they are some of the happiest people I have ever met. When meeting them I was amazing by their love and genuine gratitude for one another.

I was truly touched by them and as a mother, I hope to always be as loving and strong as Hayley. Thank you for being an answer to my prayers and inspiring me every day!

Donahues Family Session 2