Arman | Newborn Photographer | Lafayette IN

Arman was so sweet, and so alert! He loved watching his brother climb about and survey the room. I was so intrigued by the camera and all the new things around him. It was so cute! We were able to capture some incredible shots of the family, brothers, and little Arman.

Some tips for photographing with a 2 year old sibling:

  • Be flexible with the session! Toddlers when they are 2 really are in their own world. I kind of shape the family shots around them and what they are able to handle at the time.
  • Parent be willing to bribe. This was key to getting some good shots of the two brothers. I had a stash of candy nearby and he was willing to smile if he was rewarded with a piece of candy! But you can't draw out the reward too long or they will not have it.
  • Parents be willing to step out of the room. Arman and his Big Brother were up for photos. Arman was a normal 2 year old boy and was loving the attention. To calm him down, his parents left the room and I was able to get some adorable shots of just him and his brother. Sometimes 2 year olds behave better when parents aren't in the room for the photos.
  • Try not to get upset. This is a toughy. 2 year olds don't have the capacity to negotiate or reason. You have to be patient and calm, otherwise their temper may show in the photos.

This family was amazing and were so calm and collected! They love each other so much and you can definitely tell in the photos.

What are some helpful things you use for photographing 2 year olds?

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