Annie | Glamour Session | Senior Portraits

I was very excited about this session because 1) Annie has what people call "Classic Beauty". She is absolutely stunning. Her skin is perfect, her lips are full, her frame is long and slender, and her eyes pop out at you. And 2) I found the perfect location for this session. It was vintagey and had personality. I was completely thrilled. But it's one thing to envision a session and an entirely different thing to see it come to life. I had to stop and admire the beauty of the scene for almost every single photo. Annie's beauty was captivating - and numerous people were stopping to tell her how beautiful she was.

We also had a little group of girls following us around to watch the session. Finally they came up to us and asked what we were doing. I think it was apparent, but I told them that "Annie was a model and we were having a photo session".

They responded immediately, "I know that, she so pretty. She is the prettiest model I've seen".

And I completely agree!

Annie thank you for being such a wonderful model!

Senior Photographer

Lafayette Indiana, vintage, glamour session

Glamour Session


Lafayette Glamour Session


Lafayette Indiana Senior Photographer, Vintage Session, Glamour Session



Senior Photographer