Allen Family | Lafayette Indiana

[flo_image_text image_url="" img_position="left" img_width="50" ] I would love to introduce you to one of the nicest, most beautiful families I have ever met. Meet the Allens. This family session was actually a gift to his wife, who absolutely loves her family so much. Which is why this gift was so perfect for her. They were able to spend an hour as a family, looking adorable, cuddling on couches and giving each other so many kisses. She also now has beautiful portraits that she can keep with her for always. [/flo_image_text][flo_image_text image_url="" img_position="right" img_width="50" ] Now would you love to have an image like this framed in your home or perched on your desk at work? I know I would! These two were little twins and it was so fun snapping pictures while they whispered silly things to each other. They seriously are best friends. This is one of the reasons I love being a Family Photographer. I get to see these amazing families and am totally inspired by them!  [/flo_image_text]