Adelina is TWO!

So I am kind of freaking out right now as I write this! Adelina is TWO. Holy cow! I have known Adelina for two years now and it truly went by really really fast. She really is so beautiful! I am hoping that when my little guy (who is turning 2 next week) grows up a bit, he can get her number!! ;) That would make me so so happy, because I love this entire family so much. And I really love seeing them warm up to me and the camera. It's like they don't even realize I am there anymore! They just act cute and do their own thing. That is my favorite. And for Adelina's birthday session, we jumped on the bed and had a special tea party. It was so adorable how she poured the tea for everyone. Gosh, girls are the best!

Here's some photos from her adorable session! I snuck some in of her awesome brother too. I couldn't help it!!

If you are interested in a studio or outdoor birthday session for your children, let me know! I would love to be your photographer! Kids really are so great and fun to photograph!

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