Marissa's Fun & Summery Senior Portraits | McCutcheon High School Senior Photographer

Fun, spunky, and SUPER humble. Marissa mirrored everything I adore about my clients. She was laid back and so fun to work with - and honestly, I think I would’ve been her friend if I went to McCutcheon High!

She plays soccer and is looking to play next year in college as well. How awesome is that? That is something I admire and am a little jealous of. Playing soccer in high school was one of my most cherished memories. That’s why I was SO excited to capture some fun soccer photos for her. I could tell that this is what truly makes her happy and her spirits just lit up.

But honestly, she was so bubbly and smiley the entire session. We had so much fun twirling and laughing and playing in the creek. We definitely got muddy getting back there, but it was totally worth it.

These photos are such a perfect moment to capture, before they become 100% adult and when their dreams are just starting to unfold. Their life is still blissful and unhindered by bills and loads of responsibilities. Who else wants to go back with me? 😂

Imagine how cherished these senior portraits will be? I remember always seeing my dad’s senior portraits displayed at my grandparents home. I loved seeing his handsome smile and curly hair. It’s amazing to think how much it meant to me to see my father as a young, bright eyed senior. I could picture him laughing and playing and having so much fun.

Those photos mean the world to your seniors, and when we print them out and create heirloom pieces for them, you give them the opportunity to hold on to them and share them with their future families as well. How amazing is that?

And for these photos, you want an experience that is special and meaningful. I will work with you from start to finish to create an experience that they will cherish forever.