Megan and Fergal | Beautiful Maternity Photos

Hanging out with these two are a blast. You are mesmerized by Fergal’s Irish accent and Megan’s stunning beauty. I was oogling over their photos the entire time!

And we were chatting about how crazy it was that in 6 weeks they will have a beautiful., squishy NEWBORN. How incredible is that? The human body will never cease to amaze me!

They wanted for their photos outdoor, woodsy, and naturey. And it was a perfect day for it. And her belly was darling.

The perfect time for maternity photos are 30-34 weeks. Where your bump is perfect and round and you feel mobile and not too swollen! lol. At least that was me for sure.

If you’d love to book a maternity session, let me know! I can’t wait to plan yours out with you;. I have a special Maternity + Newborn Package available when you book them together.