Ayden's First Year Portraits | Emotional and Stunning

Victoire came to me a year ago, wanting photos to remember her newborn son. I remember the call so vividly and I felt like our spirits connected instantly. During their session, little Ayden had some of the most stunning photos ever. They will always be a favorite of mine.

Fast Forward a year - and now he is one. How quickly time goes and how fast they grow up.

As moms, documenting this time often takes a backseat because we are always running around, cleaning, working, caring for all our littles. Time to soak in these moments seems to slip away.

Victoire has made it a priority in her life to treasure these memories and create timeless photos, albums, and portraits for them. And I know that as they grow up they will recognize how treasured they are to her. They will see the photos displayed and know that have a sacred part in their home. That’s the power of these photos.

And during her Reveal, Victoire broke down crying. This is her experience:

From this session, when i was seeing the photos and broke down into tears. I do not like for people to see me cry but Vanessa showed me something that was already in front of me more clearly and beautiful that it took my breath away.

If you haven’t already, check out my instagram back for Behind the Scenes of this Reveal. It was so powerful and emotional.

During there session I took video and combined it with the photos she chose to print.