Charlotte's 6 Month Session | Watch Me Grow | Lafayette Indiana

Where to start? How about:


I seriously love her so much. And her many many rolls. She just gets chunkier and cuter by the minute. So at 6 months, she has changed a lot. It’s crazy to see how much these cuties change.

Right now, Charlotte has the biggest smile and loves her sisters so much. And she definitely loves her mama. I’m so excited to see how she continues to change. Her 9 month session is coming up and we’re already half way to ONE YEAR!


For all my future mama’s these Watch Me Grow Sessions are incredible and filled with so much love. And what is better is that you have these memories documented to remember forever. How priceless are these moments and how much joy would these bring as your look through their albums throughout the years? 10 years? 50 years?

These Newborn Moments happen only once! Let me help you capture these memories!

When is the best time to book? As soon as possible! I accept a limited about of Watch Me Grows a year to ensure flexibility and spots for their sessions.

When are the photos taken? We can do Newborn + 6 months + One Year or we Can do every 3 months to capture every single change during the first year.

Where are these photos taken? In the studio, outdoors, or in your home! We can choose what setting is best for your family.

Let’s chat about your photos!