Willow's Lifestyle Newborn Session | Lafayette Indiana

I remember when Dave messaged me. WE NEED TO SCHEDULE A NEWBORN SESSION.

I was shocked and overcome with happiness. I knew they were trying to adopt another baby, but I had no idea it would be so quickly. And honestly their story is amazing. The stars aligned and Willow was brought to this world and was quickly adopted into the most loving and beautiful family.

It happed so quickly for them, but they knew immediately she was meant to be loved by them. And Greer (her older sister) knew it too. She was drawing pictures of her “Sister” before they even knew they would be adopting her.

How amazing is that?

This beauty truly is a special human being and will make a powerful impact on this world.


The night before their session, I decided to play soccer with my hubs. I used to play in high school - I’ll be fine I said. It will be fun - I said. What could go wrong - I said?

Ooooh how I wish I could go back in time. And not go. But after the first 5 minutes of playing, I knee twisted and POPPED. I crumbled to the ground and my knee swelled up like a balloon. I knew something was bad. But I was hopefully it wasn't SUPER bad.

And honestly, the first thing I thought of was Willow’s newborn session. Would I be able to walk? Would I be able to pick her up? Would I be able to bend down and pose her and follow their adorable family around?

I decided I would do their session no matter what. I couldn’t bed my knee or get around very easily. I told them that I “tweaked” my knee the night before. And we honestly created incredible photos. They are amazing and will be such an amazing treasure to pass on to their children. It will tell the story of their family in this instant, of their home, of their relationships. It’s so beautiful.

It turns out that I did indeed tear my ACL - and now I will always have Willow’s session engrained in my memory. She was worth it! She is so perfect and deserving of such amazing parents.