Lukie is ONE | A Year of Memories

Okay - so I feel like I haven’t had a second to even reflect about this past year. It went SOOO FASTTTT. It totally is not fair. But it is so true. And this past year has been a blu of happiness and chunkiness. He is one big chunk. I love his legs so much.

His favorite pastimes:

  • Climbing our stairs

  • throwing balls around

  • eating everything that is near his mouth

  • bath time

  • outside adventures

He hasn’t mastered walking yet, but I think that will come shortly.

I just love looking through these past photos. These are all from the One Year Album I made him for his birthday. I chose a blue leather with a photo cover that is so gorgeous.

Here’s some of my favorites photos!!

That cake smash though. It was amazing!!

He literally just bent over and stuck his whole face in there. This was his first time ever and totally knew what to do. And then his brother wanted in on the action too. I was dying. I swear cake smashes are more for the parents than anything.

I still can’t decide what my favorite stage has been? I think everyone gets better and better. He is a little troublemaker now though so that’s the only downside!!

What do you think?