This Is Like Therapy | Lafayette Boudoir Photographer

Today Katherine stopped by to pick up her album. I couldn't wait to share it with her. I welcomed her into my *not so perfectly clean* home and presented her with this wrapped box. 

Her eyes were sparkling. And as I watched her open her album, emotions started appearing on her face. I was soaking in everything about her reaction: her watering eyes, her unbreakable smile, her fingertips brushing the pages. 

She told me, as she slowly turned through her pages, something that lit my soul on fire. Literally, right there. Something that I have never heard before but made so much sense.

"This experience is like therapy. All of it. The makeup, the hair, the outfits, the photos, the album. Every woman needs this." 

OH. MY. HECK. I almost starting crying right there and then. This is EXACTLY what I want women to experience when they come to me. I want it to be a way for them to see themselves anew and strong and beautiful. 

Because we all need this. We all struggle at some point. We all have fears. We all have insecurities. I am telling you this as a woman who faces these insecurities on a regular basis. But by giving something to yourself, you allow your self to heal and grow.

I needed today - to hear those words.

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