Meet the Incredible Dunford Family | Lafayette Family Photographer

Where to begin?? Well first off, if you know the Dunford you are instantly in love with them. They have the warmest smiles (which you are about to see) that you have ever experienced. They have the sweetest, most loving hearts. And I feel so blessed to have been able to 1) know them and have them as friends and 2) to photograph their genuine hearts. 

I have witnessed this family go through challenges that I could never imagine. And they did so with 100% faith in God. They were firm in their knowledge of His plan and of eternal families. They continued to fight on and be happy while dealing with some of life's hardest trials. 

And I was so inspired. 

They touched me in more ways than one. They taught me perseverance, continual and constant love, sincere friendship, the beauty of service, and the necessity of a family unit. They taught me how to treat me children and how to nurture their unique characteristics. They taught me to turn to God when things get tough and do everything in my power to continue on. 

I truly do love them. I am uplifted by them and am so honored to be able to take these for them. Especially since Emma is going off to college!!!!! Whhhhhatttttt!!!! I still can't believe it. I taught her in class (at church) when she was just a teeny 12 year old. And she was the sweetest, most beautiful girl ever. And now she is growing up! Her family all wanted photos with her. Everyone took turns taking a picture with Emma because they love her so much. She is going to be missed SO SO SO much. 

But I'm curious, how has the Dunford family influenced you? I want to shower them with some love!