Malin's 6 Month Session | Lafayette Indiana Photographer

It blows me away how fast the time goes in between Watch Me Grow sessions. 3-6 months is nothing once a baby is born! But it is crazy how much changes in that time span. They aren't these adorable little noodles anymore. That can smile and laugh. They start sitting up. Scooting around. And by one year, they will be taking charge of the session and telling ME what to do. 

It's so special. And these guys are amazing and drove all the way from Indianapolis for their session! They grew up with my husband and Illinois and I am beyond thrilled that I get to be apart of this incredible time in their lives. 

Malin is about as happy and plump as can be. And her eyes captured my camera so much. I also super loved the genuine moments we caught between her and her parents. Her dad loved to  swoop in and smother her with kisses. And when he wasn't doing that, he was off catching frogs 😂 SOO funny!! 

Loved spending the morning with these guys so much! It was such an incredible day. And if you haven't visited the Wea Creek Orchard recently, you should! It is so stunning.