Grant is 6 months old! | Milestone Portraits

I've mentioned this a million times already, but my Watch Me Grow Packages are so fun and so priceless. Over their first year we capture gorgeous images to hold as keepsakes for both the parents and your little one. 

Grant is a very sweet, cuddly, little man. His happy place is in his parents arms, wrapped in their warmth and covered in their kisses. And they are more than willing to do so! He is so cute and lovable, so it works out really well. He loves the cuddles, and they love giving them. 

We were so lucky this year to have gorgeous spring blossoms popping up! It was a fantastic backdrop for a gorgeous family. The entire time, I kept saying "Oh my Gosh. Guys, you are perfect. These are gorgeous. I can't get over how beautiful you are". And I meant every word I said. They are gorgeous and so sweet. I love their tender connections and love for one another. This little trio is made for each other!

And in a blink of an eye, Grant is going to be walking and talking and helping dad build lots of things for his mommy. They already are best buds! Just wait till he can help him in his custom built, handyman garage with all the tools you could ever want!

Thank you so much for letting me capture these images for you!!