Hannah turns 9 months!

Oh my goodness. 

It was too long. Over 6 months since I saw Hannah!! They were traveling and sicky for their 6 month session 😢 So I was thrilled for this session. SO MUCH changes from 3 months to 9 months. She was sitting and smiling, and crawling around. 

Newborn and Baby Photographer Lafayette Indiana

Look how teeny she is!!!

And what struck me the most were her stunning eyes. Just wait and see for yourself. They are so gorgeous. Just like her mama!

This family is so fun to photograph because

1) They adore their daughter. 

She is the world to them and seriously all they want to do during their session is smother her in kisses. And that is 100% okay with me!!

2) They treasure their photos. 

I've learned that the people I click with the most truly value and treasure the photos that I send them. They recognize that these moments will pass so quickly. Their photographs allow them to freeze time forever. When I send over their gallery, their excitement and pure joy gives me such a sense of purpose. 

3) They are so stunning

Seriously!! They don't even have to try. They just smile and kiss and snuggle and BAM. Gorgeous photos are created. I barely do any posing with them. I just move a few things and they are perfect. 

And to be honest, my heart has been drawing more and more to the natural, authentic shots. The ones where I come in close and you can feel the sweet embraces they give each other. I love evoking emotion into the photos. The black and white shots tell a story and are filled with emotion. Love it!!