Cousin Fun!! We love them so much.

Our family lives all over. And we were sooo blessed to have them in to town to celebrate my MIL's retirement!! Man oh man. It was so fun. I just adore having these kiddos together. My favorite quote from the trip was from Ian:

"We only get ice cream when Cambria is in town".

😂 MAN. I was dying. He acts like we never get ice cream in this house. But we definitely do. But we don't go to Silver Dipper that much. We usually head over to culver's. But this time we went all out and got a bunch of Supermans from Silver Dipper. The kids were in heaven. 

We went to Purdue, to Prophetstown, played in the sprinkler, took photos, grilled out, played games. It was amazing. I miss them so so much!!