Ashley's Maternity Session | Lafayette Indiana

This family is amazing. I'm so glad they moved to Lafayette!!

Just being around them, you feel brighter, happier. That trait is something so powerful. Ashley just surrounds everyone with love and you become an instant friend. I left our session so happy!! And Brian is such a good dad. He loves them both so much. And I can see the excitement they both have to welcome their baby girl into this world.

As I see them, I'm so reminded of our journey expecting our #2. It brings so much joy watching families grow. Their love deepens and expands. It's pretty amazing to see. I can't wait for our lifestyle newborn session in July. It will be magical. Just like this session was.

Tips I learned from this maternity session:

  1. Be flexible. Especially with toddlers. They often times run around and explore. Be okay with that! Go with the flow. 

  2. Laugh a lot. Laugh at each other. Laugh at your kids. Even tickle each other. It helps feel more relaxed and genuine. Be silly and yourself!
  3. Communicate with your photographer. Let them know what you want from your session. What you envision and what you value most. Talk on the phone, email lots, or even facetime! Get to know each other. 
  4. Pick the right time. I know with little kids its super. Nap times and Bed times often conflict. We did this session at 7:00 to have gorgeous lighting and a happy toddler! But honestly, kids usually do great. It's a new place and exciting. The lighting is something that will make a HUGE impact on your photos. I really try to schedule my sessions during sunset or early morning for that gorgeous look. 

I am SO honored to be their photographer during this time. They are so gorgeous and happy. And this is such an exciting time for them!! I can't wait to meet their new little girl.