Finnick's Gorgeous Newborn Session | Lafayette Indiana

So Stacy and I met while we were both pregnant. And it felt like we were in it together. We helped each other get through the last few months, full of achiness and waddling. Full of exhaustion and soreness. She helped me so much. So I am so so glad I was able to take these photos for her and her gorgeous babe. 

And I was dying because he is seriously the EXACT OPPOSITE of all my babies. My babies are super white, bald, blue eyes...and here's Finn. Dark, tons of hair, brown eyes. I had to snap this photo! 😂


Hopefully they will be best buds. 

So this session was my dream session. It was done in my home studio. It is completely focused on Finnick. It is simple, pure, and timeless. I love the raw nature of the photos and the perfect little details. I seriously love every single photo and can't wait to share these with Stacy. 

She's amazing and he is amazing! I love them both to pieces.