Samuel's Fresh 48 Hospital Session

I have to write a blog about Samuel because I have so many favorites. They are so incredible beautiful and intimate. I also love this family so deeply. Camilla is one of my most kindest, sweetest friends I have and I connect with her on a level that fills my life with joy. I love her and she inspires me so much. It was also fun because she welcomed her third baby into this world too!! We're in this crazy journey together. 

And I also loved being their to capture the incredible love that Samuel's sisters have for him. It was magical to watch their faces, their kisses, and their comforting songs they sang him when he was crying. Siblings are so beautiful. Their connection is so spiritual. I loved being there for that. AND Camilla's parents were there too! Triply beautiful. Gosh, so much love in that room.

Samuel was engulfed with such sweet kisses and hugs. 

This year, after having my third baby I've come to really ask myself - what is my passion in photography? What makes my heart flutter? What gets my creative juices going?

I've come to the conclusion that this is what does those things for me:

  • Deep connections in the photos
  • Genuine smiles and laughter, hugs and kisses
  • Pure and timeless moments

Hospital or Fresh 48 photo sessions capture ALL of those things. They are so amazing and so beautiful. They are also easy on the family. You don't have to move from your hospital bed! I come straight to you and capture this first moments you have with your little one. I love every single second of it. And what is even better is SHARING these photos with you and Samuel's parents. I am beyond excited to share these memories with them so they have them forever.

If you are curious about a hospital session, send me a message. I'd love to answer some questions and see if it is the right thing for you! It is such a sweet experience and siblings love it so much!