Mommy + Me Mini Session with Bridgette

Okay. First of all, when someone contacts you to be your photographer - you do a little happy dance at your desk. It's almost like you asked me out on a date 😂 -- with the butterflies, the get to know you questions -- I love it! 

But then when you come back to your photographer for more photos, your photographer will do backflips. It's like the biggest compliment you can give your photographer. And then it comes to a point where your photographer isn't just your photographer, they are your friends. They become intimate with your family and all their quirks. Some people even call me Auntie Vanessa. Gah! You have no idea how happy that makes me. 

Anyways, I ramble....I've been able to be Bridgette's photographer for a few years and I am SO honored to be there for this incredible woman. She works so dang hard and loves her kids even harder. When you see these photos below you will see the love exploding from them. It melts my heart and she makes me want to be a better mom. 

She went through some big life changes so her life is so busy and a little crazy right now, but you honestly wouldn't know. She always has a smile on and is so happy. 

Bridgette, you and your girls are amazing. I loved spending the morning with you. These photos are fantastic!! I can't wait to see what ones you print out.